Face & Body Traitements Pour Les Hommes


The Luxury Multi-Anti-Aging Relax Face & Body Treatment specifically for MEN

The ultimate anti-aging body treatment especially for MEN. The anti-aging peeling with triple-effect: a mechanical, enzymatic and gentle acid-based peeling serves to cleanse your skin deeply. The ultra precise Premium Glacier Body Serum tones and re-mineralizes the body. The deeply relaxing NIANCE® Serpentine stone massage with most valuable NIANCE® anti-aging oils relieves physical tensions. The head and face massage and the final anti-aging face care will provide you with new vitality. The following Premium Glacier Facial Serum is remodeling the face contour and the Eyemassage provides awake eyes. The treatment is completed by a vitalizing head facial massage.

Durée: 120 minutes